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Building Inspections Perth

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Building and Termite Inspections Perth
Timber Pest Inspections
A Timber Pest Inspector finds faults and defects before it's too late. Pest or Termites Inspections services can also provide specialist advice on the environmental condition and preservation of your house

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We use Thermal Imaging for:

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Termite Inspections

For Pre Purchase Termite and Timber Pest Inspections Perth. Read more.

Building Inspections Perth

Major structural defects in Pre Purchase Inspections Read more 

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Our inspections exceed Australian standard AS 4349.1-2007. Download a Sample Report

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Building Inspections Perth

All our building inspections are performed by qualified inspectors. You will receive a type-written narrative Summary Report detailing our findings. Areas of concern will be noted and cost estimates for significant repairs will be included in the report. The building inspection  report will be delivered with evidence photos. You see what the inspector sees! The report for pre purchase inspections is availiable 12 hours after the inspection process.


Major and Structural Defects

Structural defects include defects in a structural element of a building that can be attributed to defective design, defective or faulty workmanship or defective materials, or a combination of these. Nearly every propery inspected by us has some defects. Some of them are major defects mostly to the roof frame and foundations and others just minor issues like missing roof flashings.Find out more


Safety warning: Houses built between 2005 and 2017

Several homes built between 2005 and 2017 have been inspected by us and over 60 percent of those houses have been reported with ceiling failures. Inspection of those ceilings identified that the plasterboard ceiling lining had begun to detach from the ceiling joist framing due to incorrect positioning and amount of adhesive applied to the timber ceiling joists. This has caused many ceiling collapses. Ceilings that have sagged are not only unsightly they can eventually fall and can cause serious injury and damage to content Building Surveyor Peter Hopfinger said.

The standard REIWA contract excludes ceilings of the building inspection clause but if the ceiling has a failure to a stage where it is considered unsafe then we will report this as a safety issue and it might be covered under this contract Mr Hopfinger said

Structural Problems associated with metal roofings

Damage investigations form 2016 have revealed that some metal roofing systems have sufficient strength to resist extremely high winds , while other systems have blown off during winds that were well below design wind speeds. When metal roofing (or hip, ridge, or rake flashings) blow off during severe weather conditions, water may enter the building at displaced roofing; blown off roofing can damage buildings and injure people. This is because the wind uplift forces are greater than the weight of the roof and the “tie-down” fixings are, in some cases, not strong enough to resist the uplift effect. Read more


Thermal Imaging will be  used for all our building inspections!


The Australian Standard for building inspections perth 4349.1 -2007 is limited to building surfaces and does not include hidden defects. With our experience, knowledge and tools, we also try to identify any hidden construction defects. We check for moisture, leaking pipes and other internal and external issues using thermal imaging cameras. The thermal imaging inspection is alway included in our pre purchase inspections.


Improved Energy Efficiency Using an Infrared Camera

To identify areas of energy waste, infrared imaging has quickly become a valued tool in identifying problems related to energy loss, missing insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, radiant heating, water damage on roofs, and much more. -

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Leak Detection Service

We offer comprehensive infrared inspections backed by expedient professional service and thorough inspection reporting

How can we help you with our infrared camera?

  • Heat and energy loss
  • Moisture and wood destroying insects
  • Electrical systems faults
  • Roof leaks

Water pipe leak detection: Finding the exact location of a pipe leak in plaster or concrete can be costly and disruptive. Find out more


Rising damp in masonry due to bridged d.p.c.

The bridging of damp proof course (DPC) is a problem usually associated with new buildings and is caused by mortar droppings and brickbats falling into the cavity of the brickwork. However, there are many other ways that DPC can be bridged, especially in older masonry walls. Find out more.

Structural Timber Pest Damage

In broad terms, the degradation of structural timbers results from attack by one or more of the following wood destroying agents: Chemical delignification; fungal decay; wood borers; and termites.

Structural timber can be degraded due to attack by one or more of the following wood destroying agents: chemical delignification,  fungal decay, wood borers and termites.
Failure of timber from that kind of attack is usually associated with lack of maintenance, as well as a general lack of knowledge about the characteristics and properties of the material itself. The symptoms and causes outlined in the following examples are not intended to be all inclusive. However, they will give you an idea of common issues encountered during inspections. Find out more

 Termite and Pest Inspections Perth

Australian standards recommend a termite and pest inspection every six months.

Termites are social insects and attack more homes than any other type of insect. Their persistent nature and large colonies, which number several million individuals, can result in major repair bills.  One of the main characteristics of termites is their tendency to avoid open air and bright lights, meaning they will stay underground or within wood products. That makes it extremely difficult to locate an active termite infestation. Find out more.