Leak Detection

Professional Infrared Leak Detection Service in Perth 

Our service offers comprehensive infrared inspection, featuring expedient professional service and thorough inspection reporting.
How can we help you with our infrared camera? What can we see what other can`t?

  • Heat and energy loss
  • Moisture and wood destroying insects
  • Electrical systems faults
  • Roof leaks
  • Water pipe leak detection: Determining the exact location of a pipe leak in plaster or concrete can be costly and disruptive; with thermal imaging you can find them easily.

Infrared Inspection Report

Results from the infrared inspection are provided in the form of professionally bound and printed reports featuring detailed colour infrared inspection imagery highlighting all encountered anomalies. Technical drawings provided by the customer are clearly marked to indicate the precise anomaly location represented by the infrared inspection image data contained in the report

In addition to the printed report, a CD-ROM disc is also provided, and contains the following infrared inspection resources:

  • All infrared inspection report materials in a PDF document
  • Additional digital resources related to the infrared inspection

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Examples.

Roof leak
Water supply leak check
Plumbing leak