Swimming Pool Fence Information

Childproofing doors and windows

Opening Windows: The lowest opening part of the window must be higher than 1.2M above the floor level. Alternatively, a fixed security grill or bars must be provided or a fixed device that prevents the window opening more than 100mm must be installed. A key lock is not suitable for this purpose.

Opening doors: Both sliding and hinged swinging doors must be fitted with a self-closing and self-latching device that will return the door to the closed position operating the latching device from any position. The latch must not be less than 1.5M above the inside floor. Where there are double doors, both doors must self-latch independently or one door must be permanently fixed closed. The doors must be non-climbable and of sound material. Nylon or Fibreglass flywires are not suitable for pool barriers doors.

Please note: Roller doors/garage doors/electric gates are unacceptable, unless they have self-close and latch, via the use of an automatic timer that commences closing the door after a maximum of 30 seconds. This system must have a battery back up in the case of power failure.

Gates and Fittings Gate construction: 
Where a pool gate has diagonal bracing the gaps between the uprights must not exceed 10mm.

Direction of opening: Gates must not open towards the pool area.

Automatic closing device: All gates that access the pool area must be fitted with a device that will return the gate to the closed position and operate the latching device from all positions with a stationary start without manual force.

Latching device: Gates must be fitted with a self-latching device that will automatically operate on the closing of the gate and will prevent the gate from being re-opened without manually releasing the mechanism.

Location of latching device: The latch release must be located 1.5M above the finished ground level. OR:

  • Be in such a position that to release the mechanism from the outside it will be necessary to reach over or through the fencing at a height greater than 1.2M above the finished ground level.
  • Be at least 150mm below the top of the fencing.
  • Be at least 150mm away from the edge of any hand hole opening.
  • Be on the poolside of the gate.