Premium Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Premium Building  and Timber Pest Inspection

The premium building and pest inspection is recommended for properties built prior 2010 or older that 7 years old

What will be checked in a premium building and pest inspection?

Stormwater or surface drainage
Inspection for any structural defects
Fretting or Spalling of Masonry
Roof Void (climbing inside roof where possible)
Roof, Foundation, Gutter, Roof Valley, Downpipes etc.
Boundary, Retaining Walls and Fencing
Structural Cracking in Walls and Floors

Subfloor area
Rusting of structural elements
Fungal Decay, Wood Rot


Roof Frame
Roof tiles, Roof covering
Roof flashings
Balconies & Stairs
Posssible Asbestos
Safety issues
Fire Issues
Sagging Ceilings
Moisture tests (rising damp, and all wet areas)

Leak detection

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Additional to the standard building inspection


Electrical (polarity check, RCD 30 mA check, wiring test), Smoke Alarms

Roof thermal insulation 

Condition of the Air Conditioning Ducting

Gas leak detection (using detector)

Gas ventilations

Mould Inspection

Pool, Pool Pump and Fencing Inspection

General condition of Plumbing

Plumbing blockages

Hot Water Systems

Pest inspection, termites, white ants and all wood destroying insects