Termite Inspection Perth

Our certified Pest Inspector finds faults and defects before it's too late. Pest or Termites Inspections services can also provide specialist advice on the environmental condition and preservation of your house.

A Pest Inspection Perth is the first step to protect your property. The inspection is a visual inspection for evidence of wood-destroying insects or wood-destroying organisms.

The Building Inspector will inspect the entire interior and exterior of the property. The inspection takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size and conditions of the property.

Australian standards recommend a termite and pest inspections should be conducted every 6 months.

Termites are social insects and they attack more homes than any other insect. The termites are the most persistent insect in nature. They live in large colonies that can grow up to millions which can create huge amounts of money in repair bills. One of the main characteristics of termites is their tendency to avoid open air and bright lights, meaning they will stay underground or within wood products.

It is almost impossible to visually identify or locate an active termite infestation just by looking at the finished surface of a wall.

3 Warning Signs for Termites and White Ants

  1. Wood that sounds hollow when you tapped
  2. Swarm of insects in or around your house/flat
  3. Mud tubes on wooden beams on exterior walls